Caution! Planning pitfalls ahead!

Event costs are dynamic and based on many variables, some obvious, and others not so much. Prices can vary depending on the day of the week, vendor availability, or even the distance between venue and vendor. Your company's perceived affluence can also apply – sorry, hi-tech companies, you'll probably pay more.

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Successful Negotiation - the secret revealed

Moty Cristal a global expert on negotiation is sharing tips for successful negotiation, and you really want to hear what he has to say. Implementing those tips on your negotiation with...

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You don’t know what you don’t
know, until you know

It’s part of your job to know it all. To know the best places to order cupcakes from, the best venues for a corporate outing, the best caterers for a cocktail party, and how to get the best prices...

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The thing about change…

Don’t you just love it when people tell you that you need to embrace change? Especially when things start falling from the sky and landing on your head - you’re expected to smile and take it gracefully. Well, it may be true sometimes...

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Maryoku launch day

We’re thrilled to offer the very first event planning system just for company events. Because we know how much time and effort actually goes into planning an amazing company event...

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Company Event Logistics killing
You? Technology Can Save You

People don’t appreciate how hard it is to produce a company event. Not because of the complexities but because the logistics...

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How Company Event Data Can
Make You a Queen

The biggest issue producing a company event is usually the budget. Whether you ask for it, or it is a given ...

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Make Your Best Company Event Yet

Office Manager. Office Coordinator. Secretary. Receptionist. I’ve heard it all. All the different combinations for my title. In the end they all say the same: the person whose job it is to make sure everything works like clockwork, and everyone’s happy.

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