Company Event Logistics killing You? Technology Can Save You

Is corporate Event Logistics killing You? Technology Can Save You

If you’ve ever planned a corporate event, then you know it isn’t the complexities that’ll drive you crazy, it’s the logistics. We can fix that.

Ready to dive into the harsh world of corporate Events Logistics?

Let’s think of an event with just 4 vendors: catering, venue, DJ, transportation. For each vendor, you’ll need at least 3 valid proposals. Getting 3 proposals will require you to talk to another 6-7 vendors that were crossed off due to price, timing, distance, etc. That’s about 40 interactions!! But wait, that’s not all; with each vendor, you need to explain the requirements, get documentations, sign a quote, and do the back and forth dance between what they offer vs. what you need. Oh, and when the big day approaches, you need to call to orchestrate their interactions and make sure it all works as planned.

But that’s just half the story, right? Right!

The other half is the internal effort that includes budget and schedule negotiations. You need to verify who’s coming and communicate the needed Information to all parties involved. “Yes, 8:00 Am.” “Yes, here at the office. no, you can’t bring your dog.”

And of course, there are the post event tasks; vendors need to be paid, receipts collected, and an event-review on what worked and what didn’t.

Remember, we said technology can save you?

Automating invitee touchpoints- interactions with attendees can be automated. You can set up “coming soon notice,” “save the date,” and “reminder to RSVP” email campaigns.


If we take that to the next level, there should be a landing page with all the event’s Information, so invitees can tap into and have all their questions answered.

Automating vendor process- we should communicate all our needs to all the vendors at once. Communicating with each vendor is simply a waste of time.

Automating proposals comparison – instead of manually creating a comparison list of all the features, there should be a way to auto compare proposals. Not just the final price (that’s easy) but the small details: does the service include cleaning, parking, dishes, etc.

Automating Insights – Ideally, you’d have a way to ask for structured feedback right after the event. You would get feedback on the food, the venue, the content, etc. The feedback could be neatly displayed in a dashboard that you can easily share with your superiors. That’s the only way you’ll gain essential insights: what works best for your organization, indoors vs. outdoors, spouses yes or no, dancing or just chilling? With each event, you’ll learn more and more about what can make your next corporate event a huge success.

Automate user information

Okay, let’s just say it; there must be a better way to get participant’s Information. You can’t be expected to chase people down or keep blasting out mass emails like the last call for RSVP or Dietary needs. Each invitee should easily enter their dietary constraints, the number of arriving people, etc.

So, are you ready to be saved?

At Maryoku, we have covered all your needs, and we’d love to give you free access to our unique and advanced system. No strings attached, no commitment.

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