Here are the Best and Final you asked for

Let’s think of an event with just 4 vendors: catering, venue, DJ, transportation. For each vendor, you’ll need at least 3 valid proposals. Getting 3 proposals will require you to talk to another 6-7 vendors that were crossed off due to price, timing, distance, etc. We're not math geniuses, but that's a lot of vendor interaction!

But wait, that’s not all; with each vendor, you need to explain the requirements, get paperwork done, sign a quote, and do the back and forth dance between what they offer vs. what you need.

That's where Maryoku comes into play. Our Booking tool is fun, inspiring and stress-free. We quickly get a handle on your event and find the best vendors to make it happen

Using the booking tool you get:

  • A single place to set all your requirements once - so you don't have to do it over and over!
  • A smart translation of your vision to requirements that vendors understand and can bid on
  • Three best and final available vendors that understands your vision, fit your requirements and their pricing is within your budget

Enough to get you excited? Here's a short video that explains it even better

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