Maryoku launch day

A maryoku is born

Welcome to maryoku! We’re thrilled to offer the very first event planning system just for company events. That’s right, just company events. Fully knowing how much time and effort go into planning a fantastic company event, we decided to put technology to work and make your life much easier.

Office party- out. Corporate soiree- in

The days of having one office party a year at the local bar beneath the office, watching Debora from accounts getting tipsy, are long gone. Today, many companies organize several events over the year, from summer BBQs and Halloween parties to a special happy hour to mark a significant business win. Not only that, but many employees consider office events as a real part of their social life, and events are expected to be fun, entertaining, with fabulous food & drink. See, people are working harder these days, and the chance to relax and enjoy with coworkers is a much needed and appreciated break.

I’ll never take successful corporate events for grunted ever again.

As a long-term tech executive with many years of experience working at different companies, I’ve gone to countless company events, from team-building activities to full company celebrations and everything in between. Like most employees, I never really stopped to think about the organization of it all, and how hard it could be.

As an attendee, you just sort of expected things to be perfect - you appreciate an interesting theme, you expect excellent food, you want the activities to be inspiring, and the venue to be unique.

Finally, you want to feel that the company made a real effort to make sure you are happy and engaged.

Mission: totally possible

With that in mind, we set up to help event organizers with every aspect of producing a company event that will meet and even exceed expectations, all the while staying within budget and working half as much.

Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

The average company puts on approximately 35 events a year. Now, combine that with the average time it takes to produce an event, which is somewhere around 2-3 months, and you get a staggering 70-100 months(!!) Of workaround company events per year. It’s no surprise that some companies have whole teams working on producing company events or hiring professional assistance for around 10-15% of the cost of the event.

No pain, no gain? Says who?

Studies have shown that event planners’ number one concern is managing the budget (the second concern is making sure people show up). This is no small challenge. In north America, the average annual budget for company events is $234 per employee. With around 35 events per…, you do the math. The event planner needs to be creative not only with event ideas but also with how to manage the budget smartly.

For us, this means that to provide real value for event planners; we need to help them make every dollar count, while also ensuring that employee engagement and participation increases with each event.

The road is (was) long…

How did we go about establishing maryoku? First, we talked to as many event planners as we could. We learned how they did their job and what their day-to-day of producing an event looks like.

But that wasn’t enough.

We knew we needed to ‘walk the walk’ and plan company events firsthand - to get a feel of what it was like, what the setbacks could be, what are the things that make planners frustrated, or in other words, find out why the hell it takes so long??

Our very first corporate event

As we dove in and started planning the event, it was even more challenging than we imagined. Nothing prepared us for the reality of dealing with multiple vendors, asking for proposals, negotiating contracts, changing the requirements, and learning the hard way what questions we were supposed to ask. We had to obtain approvals from purchasing and operations, change requirements yet again, set a date when everyone in the company could attend, track attendance, collect information about dietary constraints, change requirements, and re-negotiate prices. Again.

It took us nearly 3 months to set it all in motion, and that was only one event. Ouch.

Six months later, we’re here with the release of maryoku!!!

Imagine a community of event planners just like you, sharing a successful event - the plan, the vendors they used, and even the cost structure. Imagine you could simply download that entire event plan and modify it to your needs. Imagine the ideas you’d get.

Imagine you had a way to automate all interactions with invitees, from invitations to save-the-date emails, RSVPs, and collecting feedback. Imagine how much time it would save.

Imagine you knew how many vegans or fruitarian (it’s a thing) were in your office. That info was automatically inserted into your requirements for the catering vendors, or that you knew how many people celebrated which holiday or when their birthdays were, and you could send them a personalized greeting (still can’t believe bob is turning 50…) in just one click.

And finally, imagine that your event budget planning for the entire year was in one place, and you’d be able to quickly produce data and reports for your managers.

Now stop imagining, and simply log in to


Good news! Your event planning world just got a hell of a lot easier.