Quiz yourself: are you making these 3 common vendor selection mistakes?

We’ve all been there: stressed, exhausted, fed up, and still with an endless to-do list for that oh-so-important corporate event. Sure, we know we should diligently check all the small print for every vendor and only then make a decision, but it’s just so much easier to go for a slightly unconventional approach, like:

• Choosing the vendor with the coolest name

• Throwing a dart at a list or a laptop screen

• Asking your toddler

• Asking your cat


• Asking your Game of Thrones paperweight

Someone, please call 911

Which is fine, so long as you’re also happy bringing along fire extinguishers and paramedics to deal with the fallout when your event becomes hugely memorable for all the wrong reasons.


Make no mistakes- you’ll make mistakes when hiring a vendor for your event


The trouble is, even if you think you’re doing swimmingly and haven’t appointed Mr. Fuzzipants as your personal advisor, you could still be making 3 crucial mistakes that are easy to miss while you’re battling through a labyrinth of proposals, negotiations, and contracts. Believe us, as Maryoku’s long-time events industry specialists, we’re well aware that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Mistake #1 – Hiring a vendor who rubs other vendors the wrong way

It might sound like a movie plot, but it happens more than you think: the caterer who refuses to speak to the florist, the DJ who’s getting divorced from the photographer… Individually they seem wonderful. Together they’re a nightmare.

Mistake #2 – Going for vendors who can’t think for themselves.


Plans are essential, but creativity and flexibility are vital. Vendors who robotically follow instructions will blindly take your event off the deep end.

Mistake #3 – Not checking genuine feedback from planners & guests

It’s tempting to just check untrustworthy online reviews or cross your fingers and hope… But that’s playing Russian roulette with your event, with explosive results.

Fortunately, Maryoku makes it simple to steer clear of all three mistakes. Our unique system provides all the authentic insights on everything that matters, leaving you with all the answers to questions such as: Do vendors work smoothly together? Will they go the extra mile to elevate your event? Are they as good as they seem? Plus, do they use sustainable, eco-friendly practices? Are they an inclusive employer? In a nutshell, the more you know, the better, and Maryoku is here to help make that process as smooth and hassle-free as possible - see our giving back policy

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