The shift to in-house event sourcing and what it means to vendors like you

With COVID continuing to disrupt, virtual events may seem here to stay. But the truth is, virtual events can never replace the real thing.

Technology, while an acceptable method of communication, cannot replace the human connection. People are people. Colleagues will go back to physically working together. Children will go back to school. The mall will again be filled with shoppers. Flights will go back to being overbooked.

The same will be true for the events industry. But research shows events will also be smaller, more targeted, more local, and reduced from overnight to single-day. Budgets will be smaller, too. Agencies and professional planners will become expensive, unnecessary luxuries. Lastly, management of those events will shift away from outsourced to in-house logistics and planning.

Even before COVID, event planning novices organized one-third of corporate events in the United States. These are the same people who will plan the majority of future events. This means less leads coming from professional event planners who own existing relations with you. It also means it’s critical for suppliers like yourself to proactively expand your marketing strategies. Maryoku's event planning marketplace is focused on directly partnering your business with these novice event planners and in turn, connecting you with new potential leads.

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