What about that payment they owe you?

With the event industry turned upside down and novice planners filling roles normally held by event professionals, the reluctance to work with inexperienced planning staff is well known among service providers such as yourself. In fact, we’re willing to bet you’ve found it easier to quit an opportunity rather than deal with the headache brought on by an untrained event planner.


What if we could promise you’d never have to deal with those challenges again?

Hi, It's Rachel again, CEO of Maryoku, reaching out to remind you that our unique solution is designed to work directly with novice planners from the start, putting you in the unique position to simply review RFPs they submit, decide whether you want the work, and ultimately get paid.

When you register free with Maryoku, here’s what happens:

Our unique software algorithm and easy setup process helps novice planners make good decisions from the start. We guide them through the entire event setup process, saving you the front-end time dealing with planners directly. You only use your time and resources once the planner has committed to your business to support their event.

Once they’ve submitted a request for RFP, you'll know immediately how many other vendors are pitching the client and what their price range is. Lastly, we'll facilitate payment, so you won't ever have to worry about getting paid. How does that sound?

Register your business free here, and we’ll start including you on only the most appropriate RFPs. Or if you prefer, schedule a short chat and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Join us, and join the new event management revolution.