Event planning: You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know

Event planning: using the wisdom of the crowd is allowed

If you ever had the chance to plan an event all by yourself, then you know it can get pretty lonely… you’re somehow expected to know it all: the best places to order cupcakes, the best venues for a corporate outing, the best caterers for a cocktail party, and most importantly how to get the best prices for each (Personally, I can barely decide between a latte and a cappuccino)

It takes time to learn the local playing field, who’s who, what’s trending, and how to negotiate the prices you want. It takes a lot of effort to manage your database and even greater effort to expand it. With the growing demand today for unique, quirky, special events, you always need to be one step ahead of everyone else. (have you held your first Sustainability & Eco-friendly event yet?)

Far-out. Literally speaking

Think about planning corporate events far from your local geographic area. Especially nowadays, in the COVID 19 era, many companies are adapting to the demand for more customized, experiential events by holding smaller meetings of 20-50 people in multiple cities on a six-month loop.


Imagine planning an event for six groups of 20-50 people, in six different cities, at the same time. What would that entail? At the very least, it means having to learn the ropes of six new cities, simultaneously: find good vendors (how do you know if they’re any good, you never tried them before??), understand prices and negotiate them from afar, and coordinate all the vendors in that remote city to work together. Have you fainted yet?

Imagine all event planners living life in peace

What if there was a space where you could upload your vendors, rank them, and give them reviews. At the same time, hundreds of other event planners in different locations are doing the same with their own trusted vendors. Sounds rather good, right?

A tool that helps you choose vendors for your corporate events. Is that a real thing?

Oh yeah! with Maryoku, you get a multi-location vetted vendor pool to pick up from when you plan a remote event. Furthermore, you can see the vendors for each event and get a feel of who’s trending, all in the tips of your fingers. Isn’t that something?


This is just one of the values that Maryoku provides event planners; there is so much more where that came from.

If that sounds just peachy to you, start your corporate event today here