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Choose the Work that is right for you

We match you with clients in your area in need of your exact services. You will know the proposed budget and date of service and can choose wither or not you want to submit a proposal.

We record your information allowing you to send proposals quickly and when applicable encouraging you to adjust your pricing, creating more revenue for your business.

Change make money to either Hassle-Free Payments

Vendors can see their funds in their accounts the following day of the event, eliminating the need for follow-up and chasing down clients.

Quick Quotations

​Fire off quotations to interested clients in a flash with Maryoku’s automated professional price quotes.

Our smart system learns your typical pricing so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. The pricing estimate tool will even adapt to the seasons, providing accurate pricing adjustments based on the time of year. This feature will help make your quotation process faster, freeing up time to engage with more clients than ever before.

Make Money, Get Paid

Maryoku takes the legwork (and the hoping and praying) out of invoicing. We collect the client’s payment in full upfront, so you get your advance payment on time and the balance the day after the event.

No stress, no hassle, and you’ll never have to hear “the check’s in the mail!” again.

Competitive Insights

“Why didn’t I win that contract? Was it the budget? My service? What happened???”

Maryoku is the only place you get answers to these key questions, with insightful client feedback and rankings that will help you adopt a more competitive pricing model, offer upgraded services, and respond to the hottest new industry developments.

& Much More…

The global events industry is expanding rapidly, and Maryoku is growing and evolving too.

We’re constantly adding even more advanced tools to help you cope with the latest trends and changing industry requirements.


Whatever you need, Maryoku is always here for you!

At Maryoku, we take pride in connecting clients with the best, trusted, top-quality vendors in the industry. It's not only about holding a flawless event – it's about making sure every step of the way there is simple, straightforward, and stress-free for clients and vendors alike.

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