Why Work with Us?

262Days is a smart marketplace for event planners, offering online transactions, management systems and communications that make the entire planning process run more smoothly.

Automated Proposal Generations

Say goodbye to endless emails, phone calls and back-and-forth’s with vendors and professionals. Customize, automate and manage all of your proposal requests in one place allowing you to seamlessly make smarter, more informed comparisons and decisions when choosing the right vendors for the job.


Vendor Discovery

262Days provides an entire bank of vendors and professionals who have been vetted and referred by other event planners in your area. This ensures their credibility and confirms that they’re trusted and approved by those in the business.

Detailed Budget Management

No more drowning yourself in Excel spreadsheets and management templates. With 262Days, all budget planning is online, complete with automatic updates and adjustments. With this feature, everything is transparent and predictable, allowing you to avoid unexpected surprises.


Interactive Communication

Our featured online community makes it easy to communicate with a network of colleagues. Exchange event ideas, find recommendations for vendors and professionals, and share your experiences about everything from pricing to reviews.

Advanced Features

The smart marketplace offered by 262Days includes reliable and useful features to satisfy your planning needs. Take advantage of all we have to offer including online reviews and communications, an invitee management platform, customized event pages, visual dynamic budgets, and a complete user-friendly dashboard providing data analysis, reporting capabilities, and more!