Company Events - Made Easy!

Why Work With Us?

262Days helps vendors to optimize business operations, connecting them with the right clients and making it effortless to receive leads, generate proposals, and manage and close deals

Lead Generation

The online database provided by 262Days makes it easier for event planners to connect with potential vendors. Showcased vendors may only be listed through professional referrals, ensuring the credibility of the vendor and indicating to event planners that they have each been vetted and can be trusted.


Automated Proposals

Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth emails and phone calls with potential clients. With automated proposals by 262Days, vendors can now receive streamlined, organized proposals online, complete with all of the necessary details needed to provide an educated, professional bid.

Predictable & Easy Payment Collection

Streamline payment collections making them less stressful and more predictable Using 262Days deal with one payer on a pre-determined schedule, rather than chasing after various planners and companies to be compensated for your services.


Competitive & Commercial Insights

Want competitor insights and details on jobs you’re interested in? Receive valuable information such as how many others are bidding for an event, the scope of their bid, and even the price range of a job, allowing you to make educated amendments to your quote if you choose. See who won the deal, learn why you didn’t get it, and get an analysis of the bids so you can better optimize your offerings and win future deals.