The thing about change

Make Your Best Company Event Yet

Office Manager. Office Coordinator. Secretary. Receptionist. I’ve heard it all. All the different combinations for my title. In the end they all say the same: the person whose job it is to make sure everything works like clockwork, and everyone’s happy.

We Make the World Go Around

We ensure there’s bagels, coffee and paper in the copy machine. Respond to the tens of daily requests, hundreds of phone calls and are ready for whatever may come up. This often makes my head feel like a beehive. Call me crazy, but I love it! I love the sense of control and satisfaction I get knowing that no one else can do it. I’m proud when I can anticipate a problem even before someone brings it up. And I love facilitating smooth operations that helps the team focus on driving our business forward.

Company Events is where the Magic is

One part of my job, that I absolutely love is producing company events. That’s when I feel my creativity comes into full play, that special sauce that says I know my company and I know what will work. In a personal competition, I make sure that each event tops the previous one, and the one before that. And the truth is that each time it becomes a little harder. How can you keep it fresh and surprise your colleagues? Yes, there’s Pinterest and there are blogs on “10 ideas to disrupt your evet”. I read them all, bought the T-shirt. Now what?

Leverage the Crowd for your Next Best Event

The solution is actually quite simple (it’s amazing how hindsight 20/20 works). If you’re like me, you have produced some successful events. How about creating a shareable database of events with all the information needed to recreate the event: budget, vendors, logistics and feedback. That way, each one of us can tap into a database of fresh, proven ideas with all the needed information to implement it.

If you are interested, sign up here and I’ll add you to the growing community of event managers, for the purpose of sharing ideas, vendors, tips and thoughts on producing company events.

p.s. I promise not to forward your details to anyone or use your details in any inappropriate manner.

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