Planner Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation of Contracts, in respect to the Platform, shall be carried out in accordance with this policy. Any Capitalized term in this Cancellation Policy shall have the meaning set forth in the "Maryoku Terms of Use" and/or "Maryoku Vendor Agreement".

[Note- this policy may be subject to consumer laws in the US in respect to the cancellation rights of consumers and a US counsel advice may be required]

1. Contact Methods

A Planner may cancel a Contract in respect to an event ("Event"), in which Vendor shall perform the Vendor Services, only by Maryoku's Online Platform.

2. Cancellation Fee

The following cancellation fees shall apply in case of cancellation:

Actual Receipt of Cancellation Notice by Maryoku Vendor Payout (sums Maryoku will pay Vendor) Cancellation Fee
Cancellation on the day of the Event Full payment Full Payment- no refund will be given
Cancellation less than a week prior of the Event but not on the day of the Event 80% payment Full Payment- no refund will be given
Cancellation less than two weeks prior of the Event but more than one week prior to the Event 60% payment 80% Payment (20% refunded to Planner)
Cancellation more than two weeks prior to the Event 15% payment equivalent to down payment Down Payment will not be refunded

It is hereby clarified, that the Planner will be debited by Maryoku through the Planner's credit card, which details were provided to Maryoku by the Planner, and the Planner hereby gives his\hers irrevocable consent to charge him\her as stated above.


Last Updated: May 2020