The Privacy Policy

  1. General

    1. The Solution is used as a system and tool for event planners in order to assist them in managing and producing events (hereinafter: “the Solution” and/or “the System”). The Solution and the System are the development of 260Days. (hereinafter: “the Company”).
    2. The System will be used by Event Planners, and it will also be used by suppliers (hereinafter: “the Users”). The Company treats all of the Users with respect and it honors their privacy.
      The terms that are specified in this privacy policy specify and describe the Company’s privacy policy and the manner in which the Company uses the information that was submitted to it by the Users and the information that it collects by itself about the Users. These terms also specify and describe how it uses the information, how it shares it with third parties, what are your rights as a User regarding the private information that was gathered about you, how can you preserve your private information and what are the safety means that we resort to.
    3. In order to provide you with the services we must collect and process information about you, which will be done in the manner that is described hereinafter. The gathering of the private information and its processing are done subject to the Israeli law. Whenever you will supply to us information, we will use the information only according to the instructions of the law. It is important for us to update you, that you can retract from your consent to submit the information about you at any given moment.
    4. This privacy policy is an inseparable part of the usage terms and they need to be read together.
    5. For the mere convenience this privacy policy was drafted in the male form but it is intended for both genders.

  2. The Gathering of Information- What is the Information that we Maintain About You?

    We may gather and maintain information about you in two manners:

    1. Information that you personally submitted to us- such as your given name and your surname, your place of work, phone number, email address, a link to your linkedin proflile- provided that the registration was done through linkedin, the username and password that you ordered when you registered to the System (or the username and password with which you registered to the System through a Google account), the preferences and the rankings of the employee who registered to the System, the data about the employees’ satisfaction, the data about the arrival to events in regards to each employee who is registered to the System, the data about the preferences and rankings of each employee, pictures that were taken in the course of the events and they were uploaded to the System.
      Beyond what is necessary to mention, we will add that we also collect information about the companies, organizations and suppliers that are registered to the System. The details that we collect and maintain are: the company’s number, the name of the company, the year of its establishment, the number of its employees, the address, the telephone, additional contact details, preferences in the events, comparative information in regards to other companies, the number of monthly events, the number of participants in the event, feedbacks about the events, budget information, the budget of the events per capita/ per event, the offers of the suppliers, fiscal transactions in order to hire suppliers and rent an acquisition of gifts for the employees, and in order to exploit the budget, the suppliers they use/used for the events, ideas for events that were uploaded to the System. De-facto it is what the User uploaded to the System.
      The submission of part of the details that are mentioned above is mandatory in order to allow you to register to the System, and the other part of these details isn’t needed in order to register to the System; however, without submitting them – your use and activity in the System, on all of its components- may be limited, and some of the functions may not be available for you if you won’t submit these details. We will mark for you which of the details that are requested by us are mandatory for the purpose of your registration, and which of the details can be submitted according to your discretion.
    2. Information that is based on the manner you use the Solution- The information you read, the contents you were exposed to, the pages you viewed, the place of the computer and its IP address, the type of the operating system, the number of events you opened in the System, the data you entered into the system, the use of different functions in the System. In addition, we might use tools of exterior companies such as Google Analytics in order to perform statistical cuts and in order to process information for the purpose of preparing statistics. This statistical information will not identify you personally.

  3. How do we use the information?

    1. Subject to your consent, we will use the private information about you for the following purposes:
      • We will use your full name, phone number and e-mail address in order that you will be able to register to the System. In addition, we will use this information in order to contact you, to send to you invoices, in order to update you from time to time about new contents, about changes, about notices and about updates. We will also send to you from time to time a newsletter, advertising messages and etc. By approving this privacy policy you allow us to send to you advertisement messages. You can always retract your consent regarding the sending of these messages by addressing us by e-mail:________ or by phone:__________.
      • The information about the characteristics of your use of the Solution is meant in order to adjust or change our services and/or the contents that are offered to you in such a way they will be adjusted to your preferences. In addition, this information is used in order to improve the quality of the service that we are providing to you.
      • Statistical analyses- for example, by analyzing data about your views of your Solution, the clicks, the time you stayed in the Solution, the number of entries, the surfing preferences, in order to learn about your uses of the Solution and its content. The statistical information will not identify you personally.
      • For the purpose of technical support.
      • For the purposes of maintaining the safety of the Solution and preventing an inappropriate use of it.
      • In order to enforce the usage terms and the privacy policy.
      • For every other objective that is mentioned in this privacy policy and in the usage terms.

  4. Cookies

    1. Subject to your consent, we may use a number of technologies in order to gather information about your device and about your activities in the Solution. These technologies include inter alia cookie files in order to improve and make our services designated and personal for you- meaning, that the services will be adjusted to your needs. In addition, the cookie files are used in order to collect statistical information. Please notice that there are cookie files that aren’t necessary for your use of the Solution and part of the cookie files were meant in order to supply to you functions by a third party.
    2. We also may use the cookies that are in fact the services of third parties such as Google analytics, as well as the advertisement services of Google and Facebook. These cookie files are meant in order to present to you advertisement messages in the different Solutions that you visit.
    3. In the advanced devices there is the possibility of avoiding the receipt of cookie files by changing the definitions of your search engine. Please take into your consideration the fact that if you will choose not to use all or part of the cookie files, we will not be able to guarantee then that the functions and services in the Solution will continue to function as required.
    4. While using the Solution you may encounter links to Solutions of third parties that may store cookie files about your device. Please take into consideration the fact that we don’t have control over the cookie files of third parties and you need to check their cookies policies.

  5. What are your rights in regards to the personal information?

    1. According to the Protection of Privacy Law, you are entitled to the following rights in regards to your personal information:
      • You are entitled to receive access and examine your personal information, and according to your request, you are also entitled to receive a copy of the personal information that was accumulated about you.
      • You are entitled to request to amend your personal information and/or to update the personal information if you will find out that your personal information is incorrect, inaccurate, not updated or missing.
      • You are entitled to request to delete your account. In such a case, any personal information about you that doesn’t identify you personally will continue to be stored in the company’s servers.
      • You are entitled to request of the company to delete the personal information about you. In such a case we will only delete all of the personal information about you that personally identifies you.

    2. If you ask to exercise one of your rights that are mentioned above, please contact us through the e-mail address:________________. In order to clear any doubt it needs to be made clear, that what is said here doesn’t derogate from the Company’s right to maintain the personal information you asked to delete if it is entitled to do so according to every law.

  6. Third Parties

    1. The Transfer of the personal information about you to third parties

      1. Service Providers- We may work with service providers who help us provide to you the services and contents in the System. Therefore, the personal information about you may be managed by third parties who will use it in order to assist us in providing the services to you. In regards to the transfer of your personal information for the purpose of the aforesaid, we will transfer your personal information only to third parties whom we trust, which include: service providers, partners, sub-contractors, analysts and suppliers who can assist us in being precise in regards to the performances of our services.
        We will transfer to every service provider only the personal information of yours that he needs in order to fulfill his duties towards us, and we will always verify that your personal information will be secured and protected in the process of the transfer of the information. It needs to be made clear, that we will never sell the personal information about you to a third party without your consent.
      2. Analysis of the Statistical Information- we may transfer to third parties information about the Users, provided that this information can’t personally identify any of the Users. Unless it can be done according to the instructions of every law, we will not transfer to third parties information that personally identifies you without receiving your consent in advance.
        Therefore, we may transfer statistical analysis about our Users in order to better learn what the characteristics of the Users are, and in order to measure the consumption level of their services.
      3. Under the circumstances that are specified hereinafter, we may transfer the personal information about you also to third parties after we have provided a notice in advance:
        • If the Company will merge with another legal entity, or in the case that the company will transfer its activity to another body, provided that that body will accept this privacy policy.
        • When you breach the usage terms of the Solution.
        • In order to enforce the instructions that are specified in the privacy policy.
        • In response to the notice of a court, or of another judicial entity, or of a governmental body, or if it was imposed on the Company to do so according the instructions of any law.
        • In order to legally enforce the rights of the Company.
        • In order to defend the rights, the property and the safety of the Company, its Users, its employees, or of anyone else.
        • For the purpose of commercial transactions such as selling the Company, a merger, a consolidation, the sale of assets, the dissolution of the Company and etc.

    2. Links of Third Parties

      In some places in the System you may encounter a number of links, which will lead you to Solutions of third parties that aren’t related to the Company and aren’t run according to this privacy policy. These links include inter alia links that lead to Facebook or to Google or links of suppliers or of other companies that are not related to us. These companies may independently collect information about you, including personal information, and in certain cases they may supply to the Company information about your use of those links. Each of these third parties may have a different privacy policy that describes how they use the personal information about you. We recommend to you to visit the Solutions of these third parties and to thoroughly review their privacy policy. It needs to be made clear that unless it is explicitly said otherwise, these third parties aren’t controlled by the Company and they don’t belong to it.

  7. Data Security

    1. We are using proper means of data security in order to prevent from unauthorized factors an access to your personal information. However, no system can guarantee complete security from the aforesaid breaches. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that our services will be completely protected at all times from breaches in the data security. In every case of such a breach, we will immediately contact you subject to the instructions of every law.
    2. We conduct from time to time regular inquires of the Solution, and constantly take care of upgrading its data security in order to reduce the risks of breaches. However, we can’t be liable for every direct or indirect damage because your personal information was exposed to unauthorized factors that illegally breached the Company’s systems, or as a result of negligence, which isn’t within the Company’s control.

  8. Changes in the Privacy Policy

    We may update the privacy policy from time to time. We will inform you of the changes in the privacy policy by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided to us when you registered to the Solution.