The thing about change

The thing about change...

Don’t you just love it when people tell you that you need to embrace change? Especially when things start falling from the sky and landing on your head - you’re expected to smile and take it gracefully. Well, it may be true sometimes. But other times in real life, it just doesn’t necessary work. Especially with event planning.

When you’re planning an event, every detail count. You must track and coordinate a thousand small details, and everything has its own place, order, and time. If one piece of the puzzle shifts, it could potentially cause total chaos in another aspect of the event. The worse changes affect your timeline. Wanting to add another invitee and pay extra for it – in most cases, that’s no big deal. But deciding out of the blue that you’d like to have the standup comedy show after dinner instead of after cocktails, well that means a whole new set of phone calls, begging people who you’ve already set everything up with to change (and not charge you extra for it), and if they say no – well, good luck with that!

But it’s not only the vendors whom you need to update and re-orchestrate, it’s also the invitees. If you already communicated the plan, changes in an event may very well mean that some people would like to change their own plans (for instance, if someone knows that the show is after dinner, they might be ok with being a bit late). If you’re not informed of the changes ahead of time, it could potentially be a cause of real dissatisfaction for guests that wasn’t your fault.

This is one thing that many clients don’t understand. They think they’re being creative, dynamic, and full of ideas. It’s just that someone (i.e. you) needs to take their (sometimes) brilliant ideas and turn them into reality. And if they’re not clear about what they want from the get-go, and if they keep changing their minds, it can turn out to be a hell of a ride for everyone involved.

And here’s where technology can come to the rescue. Imagine that any change to an event is automatically communicated to all relevant parties: the timeline for invitees is changed and communicated with a click of a button, vendors get a note instantly and communicate their reply, and the cost ramifications are then automatically reflected in your budget. If a vendor can’t accommodate the change, a new one is located and a new transaction is formed without you having to pick up the phone even once. If you’re skeptical, we totally understand, we would be too. Except, we made it a reality.

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